Escort Lounge FAQ

How to use free adverts.

Select your CATEGORY

Then your LOCATION


Then your PRICE, Email Address, Phone Number

The add your TAGS x 5

Then make certain that your ACTIVE button is clicked to YES and

Finally click CREATE ADVERT

TIPS for posting ads are also on the PLACE AN ADVERT page.


How to use paid adverts.

Select your CATEGORY

Then your LOCATION


Then your PRICE, Email Address, Phone Number

Then add your LINKS if you have them

Then your IMAGES

After you have uploaded your images you can change which image is your key image by editing your advert after you post it in your "My Adverts" section.

The add your TAGS x 5

Finally click CREATE ADVERT

TIPS for posting ads are also on the PLACE AN ADVERT page.


Explicit content that is permitted and not permitted.

At Escort Lounge we allow for content of an Adult nature and have adverts for Escorts, Dancers, personals, clubs, agencies, and webcams. Not everyone will want to see this content and so we class any Adult content we find as explicit. The only way to access this explicit content is by agreeing that you are over the age of 18 years and you wish to view such content.

How do I protect my copyrighted content?

If you intend on posting images on your adverts then you may want to add a watermark to them before uploading the images. We do not know who is the rightful owner and a watermark, while not a definitive indication of ownership, may at least deter users taking your photos in the first place. If you do find your images being taken by another user you can though seek legal advice from the Australian Copyright Council. They are the best authority for you to seek advice from, whether it is legal advice or you just have a general copyright enquiry.

I have not received my confirmation email.

Try looking in your JUNK MAIL or SPAM MAIL and you may see the CONFIRMATION email that the system sent out to you when you first tried to register. If you can find it there then simply click on CONFIRM and all will be resolved. If there is no email from Escort Lounge there in either of those boxes then please let us know.

I have experienced transaction problems.

Please Contact us

I edited my advert but the changes have not occurred

Please Contact us

Duration of my advert

FREE adverts last for 1 month.

RENEWABLE adverts last for 1 month.

FOLIO adverts last for 1 month.

How to reply to an advert

There are 3 ways to reply to an advert:
1. Go to the box on the right hand side of the advert and ADD your email address, phone number is optional, then your message, and then enter the CODE and click on SEND MESSAGE.

2. Copy the Advert Owner`s email address and paste into your own email and send.

3. Call the Advert Owner from the phone number that they provide.

Rules regarding escort adverts

Every State has its own set of regulations in regards to what and can not be displayed in explicit advertising. The jurisdiction of these regulations is defined by the region within which you place you advert - if you are located within NSW however place your advert in another state, then your advert must adhere to the rules of that state. The two exceptions from this rule are for adverts placed from Queensland and Victoria. Any adverts placed from either state, into the region of another, must adhere to the rules of both their "home" state and the state being advertised in.

Nation-wide rules

Despite each state having its own set of rules, there are some which are shared by all states. It is illegal to:

  • Advertise that "natural" or bareback intercourse is available. All sex workers must only promote safe sex with a condom.
  • Place an advert soliciting prostitution or likely to encourage someone to become a sex worker or offering payment in return for a sexual service, this includes hiring people to work in the "Adult Industry".

The advertising rules of each State

* For Victoria, you need to register and be supplied with a PCA licence number. You can find further information on the Business Licensing Authority site,
** For Queensland, PLA approval is no longer needed before publishing your advert. In place of their approval the PLA have guidelines that all adverts must adhere to. You can view these guidelines on their site

I have been banned

Your access will be banned if we have found that you have been conducting:

  • Harassment
  • Spamming
  • Giving out other people`s personal details
  • Ripping off other users of this site - that means fraud, a prosecutable offence
  • Promotion of harmful, illegal activities

We investigate most complaints. If you think you have been banned unfairly, then email us at and explain why. Any decision after that will be final.

Someone is harassing me

If you`re being harassed because of an advert that you placed, please send us the harasser`s email address (or any other details you may know). We suggest that you use an anonymous web-based email account such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail.

If you`re receiving any other form of harassment because of our site, please contact us and we may direct you to authorities who could advise you better of your legal options.

Facts about the age of consent

Most of the states share an age of consent of 16 years for both homosexual and heterosexual couples. Only South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland differ from this trend. In both TAS and SA the age of consent for both persuasions is 17 years. In QLD the age of consent for vaginal sex (MF) is 16 years, while for anal sex (MM + MF) it is 18 years. If you are still unsure of the age of consent within your state, we recommend you contact your State Health department.


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